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iforget45 [userpic]

Robin Hood Keeperships

January 17th, 2013 (04:16 am)

So I recently joined a Robin Hood forum and they have this thing called Keeperships. I guess it comes from the Xena fandom originally.

  "This is an idea originally from someone on the Xena Online Community, who took the idea from Anne of Green Gables. Each of us can pick something to be "keeper" of. The rules are simply: pick something to Keep (as long as no one listed that specific thing already, it's yours), and then you (or someone else) can make a smaller banner below your signature file listing your Keepership." (-taliatoennien from the The Robin Hood Fan Community

Anyways I decided to join in and chose Keeper of Bonchurch (in reference to Much finally -if briefly- receiving the land he was promised -Bonchurch- and his resulting romance with Eve) and I made this banner for my forum signature.

I like the way it turned out =]